The cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan, projecting an image of youthful innocence. It symbolises the invigoration of spring after a long, dark winter, and in floral language it has the meaning of “life and happiness”. To use the cherry blossom as the theme of your wedding is to say to your partner, “I will never give you up, and I will love you forever.” This month “Acacia Creatives” brings you a wedding design theme straight from the blossoming spring: “Sakura Romance”, which will be well suited for a modern Western-style church wedding.

You can use different shades of pink as the main palette for your wedding invitations, complemented by a soft, milky white or gold, with a sprinkling of cherry blossom petals to create that familiar warm and fuzzy feeling. The wedding logo will use loveknots to bind the couple’s names together, and will employ three types of paper that has the texture of a Japanese fabric, adding to the visual and textural appeal of the invitations.

Your ring pillow will be custom-designed and hand-made from Japanese fabrics. The designer at Acacia Creatives particularly encourages couples to choose the ring pillow material together. It may be matched to the theme of the wedding design, the venue or even the bride’s wedding gown, so the whole wedding will feel more complete. The couple may also choose to have their names and the date of the wedding embroidered on the pillow as a memento of this special day.

signature theme design package may include:

Invitation design & printing, wedding car decoration, church decoration, banquet/reception decoration, bridal floral, wedding party floral, flower girl & ring-bearer floral and ring pillow.

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